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​Aside from my passionate love for motorcycling, I enjoy reaching out to small businesses in America, and I have developed a manual bookkeeping system that is flexible enough to adapt to any law changes.  I have been preparing tax returns since 1982, and I am very familiar with the frustration a small business owner experiences trying to prepare a tax return every year.

I first published this notebook system in 1992 in my booth at the Scarborough Renaissance Faire in Waxahachie, Texas.  I traveled this circuit and the Harvest Festivals 26 weeks out of the year for 10 years selling my crafted wooden toys at these professional shows.  I am quite familiar with the opportunities and problems of production, marketing, and the "art of living on the road."  This notebook system originally assisted my artist friends who traveled extensively from show to show, city to city,  and had very little space for an office in their vehicles.  Many other types of small businesses now use this system.  See some of those testimonials.

                                    A Catalyst to Order:  What This Book Will Do For You

Unlike many other manual systems I have reviewed, you only have to buy this textbook once.  A master copy of blank forms, included in the last section, allows you to use this system year after year.  Tax laws are ever changing, and this flexible notebook system keeps you current with the types of income you must report and the types of expenses you are entitled to claim on your tax return.

This notebook system is written in plain English and is quite simple to follow.  Your tax return can be prepared from this.  You will also learn a unique way to file your receipts.

For more information about me, please visit my website at www.zacktaxes.com

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