The Sustainable Economic Development Initiative is a leading economic development organization in northern Arizona that enables, facilitates, and partners with businesses, educational institutions, and government to increase social equity, ecological heath, and promote a resilient economy.  We focus on supporting and encouraging small business and entrepreneurial growth in the region.  We recently purchased a number of Char Zack's Small Business Recordkeeping books and sponsored a workshop which she led.  Char is highly knowledgeable, experienced and conveys great passion for small business owners.  Our attendees rated her a 5 out of 5 for her presentation and materials and all commented that they learned so much about how to manage their businesses.  Many said their only regret was not taking the workshop earlier. Start-up entrepreneurs and experienced businesspeople alike reported that they all learned from Char.  I recommend her and her book highly and without reservation.

Eric Marcus, Executive Director
Sustainable Economic Development

Initiative (SEDI) of Northern Arizona
PO Box 22100
Flagstaff, AZ  86002
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I am from Canada.  I met Charlene over 15 years ago and she set me at ease right away and helped me immediately.  From the very onset she helped me set up my S-Corporation and establish a bookkeeping system and training on my QuickBooks software.  To this day she still reviews my bookkeeping, prepares my Payroll Reports and Business as well as Personal Tax Preparations.  Along the journey she was always knowledgeable to help me deal with situations that arise when you own a business.  I have always appreciated Charlene's intense desire to constantly be on top of the frequent changes in the US tax system so she could deliver to me the best of services. 

                                                  Andre Gendron

                                                Sedona, Arizona
                 Choose Again Communications LLC

Greetings from Montana!  We have known Char since 1984 when we lived in Cottonwood, Arizona.  In 1988 we established a small sole proprietorship business here in Montana.  We have grown from a small Mom and Pop restoration business with a dirt floor shop to a multinational exporter and wholesaler to most Western States.  Needless to say our business has evolved.  Char has held our hands with the tax preparation book work and her book "Simplified Recordkeeping System for the Small Business" printed in 1992 [first edition] was a Godsend to us.  In January of 2013 we received the dreaded summons for an IRS audit!  Thankfully, we did not even have to meet the woman auditor.  We stayed in the house while Char worked it out with the auditor in our shop from 9 in the morning until well after 6 at night!  Talk about an Angel with a briefcase!  Char was fantastic and we were stung with only a very small math error (on our part).  We could not have imagined dealing with that audit alone.  Char was just wonderful.  We cannot thank her enough, as no doubt she saved us from  the unmentionable stress and economic strife with the IRS!  We highly recommend Char and her expertise...She will always help you with your tax needs and will be there for you always!  By-the-way, we had our "on site" appointment with the IRS in February...smack dab in the middle of tax season but Char came all the way to Montana and took us lovingly through that horrible situation.  Again, we have nothing but praise for her! 

                                      The Smiths in Montana

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